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  1. Swing and a Miss

    He's a Cop

  2. I need a picture of you


  3. What's in the box?

  4. anybody in here?

  5. Stay out of my comments, you didn't pay your comments bill!

  6. Did KCMO just say you were good looking?

  7. you have a good looking car, fastest color, also.


  8. Love the color of your car

  9. still no looky...

  10. I don't think he looks at this ... he is too busy posting. Hehehe...

  11. PM ME your address again I was messing with photoshop, I came up with a very cool SS avatar

  12. What are you up to?

  13. Addee.JPG

    From the album My Shelby GT500

  14. Addee.JPG

    From the album My Shelby GT500