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  1. Saleen Introduces Iconic Championship Mustang CORONA, CA – June 1, 2017 – Steve Saleen, CEO of Saleen Automotive, Inc. announces the 30-Year Championship Commemorative Edition with both a street and race version, featuring a renewed partnership with General Tire. These Black Label special editions celebrate the 1987 Driver, Manufacturer, Team, and Tire SCCA ESCORT Endurance Championships won by Saleen’s race team. Saleen Track Model General Tire, which was essential to the success of Saleen Automotive race teams in the 1980s, will once again join forces with Saleen as a sponsor of these vehicles. These special Mustangs will sport Saleen’s signature white wheels with new General Tire ultra-high performance G-MAX-RS. “We are extremely proud to introduce the rst summer tire for General with such a legendary brand as Saleen,” stated Travis Rof er, director of marketing for General Tire. “The new ultra-high performance G-MAX RS is a tire that we have been anticipating for a several years. Our dealers have asked for it and we know the market is ready for it. This new Saleen Mustang is a perfect match for the G-MAX RS.” The special edition Mustangs will be equipped with a 3.2L Liquid Cooled supercharger, producing 730HP in the street version and a whopping 750HP in the track car. Saleen will be introducing a brand new exhaust system engineered for the Saleen Black Labels along with a competition shifter. The race version also will be equipped with rear-seat delete, a 4-point roll cage, 4-point harness, upgraded radiator, and much more. Saleen Street Model Continuing with Saleen’s historic racecar designs, also included will be the Saleen trademark white wheels with custom yellow, black, and white Saleen graphics, along with special badging. Saleen will also be bringing back their Racecraft Suspension, including special camber caster plates. The Commemorative Saleen Mustangs will be introduced to the press within the next month. Plans for the media event include the presence of the 1987 Championship Team drivers. Production of the Commemorative Edition begins in September of 2017. Additional information at Media contact: Saleen Automotive, Inc. 2735 Wardlow Road Corona, CA 92882 714.400.2121
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    1999 Mustang SVT Cobra
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