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  1. 1978 King Cobra Mustang Decal Kit Complete King Cobra kits are available from Graphics Express in Gold/Orange or Red/Black - you can check the out here:
  2. 1978 King Cobra 5.0L Hood Scoop Decals If you're looking for the 1978 King Cobra's "5.0" hood scoop decals, they are available from Mustangs Unlimited in red, blue or orange. Here's the link to order them:
  3. 1978 King Cobra Side Decals The King Cobra side decals are available from Mustangs Unlimited in three colors: Blue, Red and Orange - here's where you can order them:
  4. 1978 King Cobra Clutch The question of where to get a clutch for a 1978 King Cobra comes up often and if you search sites like AutoZone, RockAuto, Advanced, etc., you might come up empty handed. Here's what I have been able to find so far - please reply if you have more details: • The King Cobra's clutch measures 10" like the Fox Mustangs, however, the 1978 King Cobra's pressure plate uses a Borg & Beck style pressure plate bolt pattern and it won't match up to the bolt pattern of a Fox Mustang's flywheel. In order to use a 10" clutch from a Fox Mustang, you'll need to have your King Cobra's flywheel redrilled. This seems to be the most common solution since even finding a clutch rebuilder to rebuild your original 1978 clutch might be tough. • It seems that you might want to retain your 1978 King Cobra's clutch and redrill that rather than using a Fox flywheel as balance problems might occur - not exactly sure though. Once you have your flywheel redrilled, you should be able to use a 10" Fox clutch set. Make sure that the clutch's input shaft hole between your 1978 King Cobra and the Fox are the same. Here's an example of a Fox clutch that is supposed to work with a 1978 King Cobra once the flywheel is redrilled:
  5. check out the new logo and see what you think.
  6. King Cobra Logo Changed - We made and uploaded a new King Cobra logo today - a mix of the new and old logos into one
  7. Mustang King Cobra Registry Update The registry is slowly growing - once the word gets out, it will get larger. For now, here's the colors and quantity of King Cobras: 1 x Dark Midnight Blue 4 x Bright Red 2 x Silver Metallic 4 x Black
  8. Good point that you've made. We'll change the header logo so that it will include the 1978s when we get a chance ;)
  9. Cleo Shelby's filing is pretty harsh as for where the money is going or isn't.
  10. this one I do NOT know.
  11. I hope that the foundation's money isn't being used improperly
  12. This was Carroll Shelby's personal Cobra 427 - CSX 3178, built with an automatic transmission. Check out this original build entry from 1965: It details when CSX 3178 was received from England, the build start date at Shelby American, the completion date, the date it was delivered and the date that Shelby paid Ford Motor Credit. . .pretty cool stuff.
  13. Mustang King Cobra 5.0L EcoBoost Twin Turbo Wouldn't THIS be a killer engine for the Mustang King Cobra? Check out those turbos!
  14. Mustang King Cobra 5.0L EcoBoost Twin Turbo

    Mustang King Cobra 5.0L EcoBoost Twin Turbo Wouldn't THIS be a killer engine for the Mustang King Cobra? Check out those turbos!
  15. 1970 Ford Torino King Cobra I no expert of Ford Torinos, however, I have read that only three 1970 Ford Torino King Cobra were made - all prototypes. Each of the three had different engines: one had a Boss 429, another a 429 CJ and the last a 429 SCJ.