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  1. ABSOLUTELY!!!! See you then!!!


  2. Will I see ya on SAT in RI ????Oh and clean up your room!!!!!this site is a pig pen..he he hhh

  3. Are you here?

  4. ....don't even want to know what you were up to @ 4:00 a.m. :)

    By the way, in case you get up early/stay up late again...



    YOU have been ROOSTERED! ;) That should tide you over...

  5. You know when I know I've been roostered? When I've been up all night. Looks like another all-nighter for me! I really do love my job - honest!

  6. He has us on ignore!

  7. Oh Oh sounds like some good news coming.

  8. Crusty has been busy, I haven't heard from him in a while.

    I hope he and his family is doing well and enjoying the summer?

  9. Hey you. I was working in St. George last week & found myself up at some insanely early hour (translation, worked all night). I thought about roostering you, I had actually typed a comment, but in my delirium I think I forgot to save it. I am soooo beat. I have logged more work than my staff can complete. I think I need a good diversion to rejuvenate me.

  10. Welllll? What have you got to say for yourself?

    Figured I would drop by and say "Hello". There, I said it :)

  11. HELLO ??? THAT WAS ......FUNNY>>!!!!!<<" O" This must be one of thoes PAY SITES...HE HE HE HE .....

  12. THAT"S a fraudulent post !!!! who was that masked poster that's trying to get me BUSTED!!???!!???

  13. Stuck in Tulsa..!!!!!!HE HE HE I spent 2 year's there at Spartan and fully under stand WHY your bizzzzzzzzey...he he ...nice accent youuuuaaallll.....GOT to love those cow girls......[i'm an inposter of Mr Bad boy...]

  14. O..... I'm to OLD to be a punk...he he he............... But i DO appreciate your appreciation .....he he he heheeeeeeeee..I do work hard at all that I am involved in...

  15. Thats what i thought ...He is to good for the upper middle class......SS and all..........Whats the world coming too??? he he he he......