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  1. Appreciate you looking. A long shot I know but was hoping someone on the forum has one.
  2. Does anyone have a 2007 S197 OA membership decal I can trade for or buy? I joined TS late in 2007 and got the 20008 membership kit and would like the 2007 decal for my collection. Thanks 07SGT1347
  3. Great show and shine Sunday, July 26 from 10AM to 3PM held at: Highland Park Ford-Lincoln 1333 Park Ave West (right off HWY 43) Highland Park, IL 60035 For more info: phone 847-997-8624 I've attended this show and shine for the last 3 years and it is a great time. All (optional) donations and raffle ticket sales benefit Ronald McDonald House. Also a giant boom box w/a DJ playing great music. There are 4 participants choice and 4 spectators choice trophies. Free goodie bags w/dash plaque for the first 150 cars. During lunch there are grilled hamburgers/hot dogs and cokes available for purchase. Footnote: The Cokes aren't grilled. No RSVP just drive on over! Always fun and hope to see a big group of Shelby's.