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  1. Video from the event. https://youtu.be/9Cnpx4s147g
  2. We average between 8-16 depending on the weather and location picked. Anticipating 15 cars on Saturday
  3. It's at the old boat ramp area if I remember correctly. We used to go have a beer on the deck and watch the idiots launch and trailer their boats. Was always fun to watch They have moved the dock now .
  4. Shelby breakfast will be May 9th, 8:00am (The 10th is Mothers Day). We will be heading to the East Coast and dining at Grills Seafood Deck, 505 Glen Cheek Dr Cape Canaveral, FL 32920. Hope to see everyone there!
  5. Team Shelby Central Florida got an invitation to come to the Spirit of the Automobile, May 16th, in Daytona. This will be another free show for Team Shelby members. To register, send me your contact and Shelby info and I will get it over to the organizer. Check out the video of last years event! http://youtu.be/fAs1opkyYFY
  6. Anyone going?