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  1. For the 2014 with performance package shocks and struts, these springs have the same ride quality as the stock springs. I like everything about them.
  2. I like the new name. This includes all Shelby's, from classic to modern. That's great!
  3. It looks like the ZL1 will get the LT4 motor from the Z06. It should be out sometime next year as a 2017 model. With reduced weight and improved handling from the previous ZL1, this car should be a handful! But, with that 662 hp, twin cam Trinity motor, over the ~640 hp, lower revving, OHV Chevy, I still prefer a '13, '14 GT500, without a doubt. :)
  4. I got a Shelby dash plaque a while back. The way they made it , it looks like it came with the car. I really like it. Anybody else have one or thinking about getting one?
  5. I wish I could have gone! Let us know how it went and please post photos! John
  6. Ford has just confirmed a run of 100 2015 50th anniversary GT350's! Will anyone try to get one?
  7. According to Mustang 6G, there is hard evidence in the Ford order banks that we may see a limited production 2015 GT350. They say it is showing up in the 2015 order banks as a Job 3 offering and that the 2016 GT350 order banks are supposed to open on May 11. So, will we get an anniversary GT350? :love_shower: John
  8. Hi, awakeinAZ! As best as I can tell, the contest is still going on. Go to Events and regions, then the GT500 contest, and vote for your car, because its FANTASTIC! :love_shower: John
  9. Hi Shelby 12! If you're trying to enter the Shelby GT500 of the month contest, I think you need to enter under Shelby GT500 Events and Regions. I just assume you want to enter because your car looks GREAT! :yahoo: John
  10. shelby video And pictures Of 5 04 2014 006

    From the album John's Shelby GT500

  11. With 662 HP, the '13, '14 GT500 doesn't really need more power. (I know, that's just my opinion!) Although the stock mufflers sound good, these Ford Racing mufflers are unbelievable, and there's no drone when cruising. What this car really needed was a good set of tires. Nitto Invo's will take care of that. It also has a set of Ford Racing lowering springs. I know it's not a lot for a build, but it's all I thought the car needed. I'd love to hear what others are doing! John
  12. Shelby photos Of 01 20 14 012

    From the album John's Shelby GT500

  13. Personally, I like a Shelby with these appearance extras. Sometimes I go back and forth about the side scoops, but I really like the hood pins and side window louvers. It certainly helps to differentiate your car from all the others. What are you guys doing to spruce up your cars? John
  14. Right now, the ZL1 is outmatched by the GT500. But, it could get very interesting if the new 2016 Camaro gets the Z06 engine as I hear it may.
  15. A restyled 'Cuda Hellcat will be something to jump up and down for. :love_shower: But, it still won't have SHELBY lettering across the rear decklid! John